The Review

Refounded in 2021, the Princeton Legal Journal fosters a spirit of intellectual curiosity, scholarly debate, and critical thinking pertaining to ideas of the law and in the legal sphere. Our printed issues, published under the “Review” arm of the PLJ, feature works of undergraduate students that explore and analyze a diverse range of legal thought. 

By releasing these printed issues, we aim to stimulate awareness around the intersection of the law with other significant scientific, economic, and political issues of our world. 

The opinions expressed by the writers do not reflect those of the Editorial and Executive Boards of the PLJ. Moreover, while we are staunchly committed to publishing reliable information and data, we cannot be held responsible for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or inconsistencies that arise.

Volume I Issue 2 (Fall 2021)

Volume I Issue 1 (Spring 2021)